Seeking ideas for keeping Dr. John out of trouble while he recuperates

We are happy to report that Dr. John is recovering well following his mountain biking accident and surgery several weeks ago.

He is now at home recuperating and doing his best to follow his doctor’s orders to remain quiet and keep his heart rate low. The words “Dr. John” and “quiet” don’t really seem to go well together, so we’ve enlisted the help of our friends and patients to come up with some ideas to help Dr. John fill in his days over the next several months of necessary partial immobilization.

We have a notebook out in the office and it is filling up with some very nice notes of encouragement and even some great little drawings. Some of the entries are so funny and cute, we just had to share a few snapshots from the notebook.

Other suggestions that have come in for Dr. John include building the complete DeathStar out of legos (Charlie estimates that would take about three months), perfecting new card tricks, playing dominoes, finding pen pals from every continent, watching cat videos on YouTube (that could burn up more than a few hours!) and learning origami.

A friend even graciously offered Dr. John the opportunity to clean all the glue off his old wheels and re-glue new rubber (hmmm, seems a little self-serving, don’t you think?). Cross-stitch, Sudoku, meditation…the ideas go on and on.

How about you, do you have any suggestions for Dr. John on quiet activities he can do to keep him occupied? Let us know!







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