Some teeth can be prone to cavities simply because of their shape. Just as hair and eye color are different for all individuals, so are the shapes of teeth. People with deep grooves on their teeth may find that food gets trapped in their teeth easily, allowing bacteria to flourish and cavities to develop.

Dental sealants can help prevent cavities by filling in the grooves of the teeth so that food and bacteria don’t have a place to hide. Sealants help make brushing more effective and protect the chewing surface of permanent molars.

Placing sealants is easy for the patient. No numbing is required, and the process is simple: clean the tooth, dry the tooth and paint the sealant over the grooves of the teeth.The sealant hardens immediately, and becomes just like the tooth it covers.

If you have any questions about sealants, please ask us on your next visit or call us anytime. We encourage your comments and questions!

To learn more about the product that Bluefish uses for sealants: BPA Safety Statement from Ivoclarvivadent.

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