Oregon Health Plan (OHP)

We love that we’re able to accept OHP, and we welcome you into the family. It’s important to us to serve every member of our community with excitement, education and care.

Because OHP is a little tricky, here are some of the most frequently asked questions. If you have questions about your OHP plan, we’re here to help!

Do you take Oregon Health Plan (OHP)?

We take only one type of OHP plan–Advantage Managed Care. We do not take OHP Moda, Willamette, Capitol or open card.

Are you currently accepting new OHP patients?

Our office is not currently taking new OHP patients, but will accept OHP for current patients.

Why do I need to be assigned to Bluefish?

Under OHP Advantage Managed Care, you must be assigned to a particular dentist to receive care from them. It’s called “managed care” because the state manages patient assignments, how many patients are assigned to each dentist and the payment for treatment. Because the state is in charge of the whole process, we’re only allowed to serve OHP patients who are assigned to us.

Can my assignment be backdated?

The short answer is NO.
Advantage Managed Care is a managed care plan, which means that you must be assigned to us the day of treatment for your treatment to be covered. Because we don’t want you to end up with an unexpected out of pocket expense, we recommend that you check your coverage and assignment the day before your scheduled appointment. Our office staff is happy to help you check.

What happens if my coverage lapses?

If your coverage has lapsed, OHP will not cover your treatment. To avoid unexpected out of pocket expenses, we recommend checking your coverage the day before your scheduled appointment. We’re happy to help you check your coverage or reschedule your appointment.

What happens I discontinue my OHP plan?

If you discontinue your OHP plan, we’d love to continue seeing you as a patient. You’re welcome to pay for services out of pocket or set up an interest-free payment plan.

What services are covered under my OHP plan?

If you have OHP Advantage Managed Care, most pediatric dental services are covered up to age 12 at Bluefish. Orthodontics is not a covered service. If you have any questions about your coverage, please give us a call.

Why are there scheduling limitations for OHP patients?

Some appointments are easier to schedule than others. We prioritize scheduling emergencies and urgent care.

Why aren’t my kids covered after age 12?

By age 12, your child likely has all of their adult teeth and would be in good hands with a general dentist. Because we have a limited number of spots available for OHP patients, and because few pediatric dentists take OHP, we want to make sure we’re able to serve the little ones that need our help the most.

Contact us to check your coverage