Happy Visits

It is perfectly normal for children to experience stress with new sights, sounds and sensations. For some, that can lead to shut down. We’ll meet you where you’re at, build trust over time and get your child the treatment they need. If your child has physical, emotional or behavioral needs, please let us know when you request an appointment. We love helping kids transform from stressed to fearless!

We offer the following services

Dress rehearsals

Dress rehearsals ease children into the sensory experience of being in the dental chair. Over the course of one or multiple visits, we practice behavioral desensitization. These appointments introduce your child to the sights, sounds and sensations they could experience during treatment.

Reserved quiet rooms

For children who are easily overstimulated, we recommend reserving a quiet room. We love that our office has an open bay, but understand that it’s not for everyone. If you think your child would be better suited in a quiet space, just let us know prior to booking your appointment.

Therapy dog assistance

Our therapy dog, Birdie, is a comforting distraction for anxious kids. When children pet her during treatment, the effect is nearly hypnotic. They forget what they’re worried about. To request Birdie at your child’s next appointment, please let us know when booking.

“My son was terrified of the dentist due to a bad experience…Since switching to Bluefish, he LOVES going to the dentist! He actually looks forward to it! Dr. Cate is amazing and they all do a great job there! My now 2 year old also loves going. We won’t be going anywhere else!!”

Deidra via Google

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