Bluefish Virtual Appointments

Through June 15, we are operating on a limited in-office schedule (read more here). As such, we have expanded our services to include virtual video calls. These appointments are intended for new and current orthodontic patients with non-urgent needs. Our goal is to answer questions about your treatment and assess your progress in areas like rubber bands, hygiene and appliances.

If you have an urgent or emergent treatment need, please call the office at 541-317-1887 to schedule an in-person appointment.

Step 1

Schedule your appointment

If you have an appointment on our schedule already, it may automatically be converted to a virtual video call. You'll receive a call the week prior to your scheduled visit to confirm all of the details.

To book a new appointment, please email us at or call the office at 541-317-1887.

Step 2

Send photos 48 hours before your appointment

Please send us 5 pictures prior to your virtual visit so we can assess growth and progress. We've provided step-by-step instructions on how to capture the correct images and where to send them. You’ll just need your cell phone and a pair of spoons to help get your cheeks and lips out of the way.

Step 3

Visit our "virtual clinic" at your scheduled time

We use a program called Doxy that makes video conferencing simple and secure. For details about what it's like to use Doxy, click here to watch a 1 minute tutorial. When you're ready for your appointment, click the button below or the link in your confirmation email.