Laser Dentistry

As part of our commitment toward staying up to speed with the latest techniques and technology to offer our patients, Bluefish offers laser dentistry for children. Lasers use energized water and light to safely perform a number of dental procedures, and there are a number of benefits:

  • In most cases, there are no needles or numbness so kids won’t chew their lips or tongues when they leave the office and they can eat right away.
  • The laser’s pinpoint accuracy allows us to take a more conservative approach than traditional dental practices.
  • The laser performs numerous soft tissue (gum) procedures with little or no bleeding and no need for sutures.
  • Soft tissue heals faster after laser surgery versus surgery done with traditional scalpel blades or electro surgery because the laser uses only water and light to cut. Laser surgical sites heal very quickly and with minimal or no bleeding.
  • Lasers are very efficient at gum re-contouring (gingivectomy) procedures, especially during and after orthodontics (braces).
  • A skillfully applied laser can accelerate the healing of painful canker sores.
  • Lasers are very successful in relieving tongue-tied conditions in children with a minimum of anesthesia, no sutures and almost no bleeding because the laser cauterizes as it cuts.

If you have any questions about laser dentistry for children, please let us know. We welcome your questions and dialogue.

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