Our Values

We are a practice of people with one mission: to care for your kids & their teeth. The following values set the tone for everything we do. If they sound good to you, come play with us!


The greatest compliment is knowing that kids get excited to see us…and we hear it a lot! We have a passion for connecting with kids on their level and creating a fun environment.

Each staff member (especially Birdie, our therapy dog) gets excited to be a storyteller, adventurer and superhero while practicing top-notch patient care.


Education is the best form of prevention. We empower your family to understand what’s happening at each appointment and how to create healthy, lasting habits at home.

We also never stop learning. We value innovation and stay curious about everything from new technology to personal development.


If there’s one thing we know, it’s that a little patience goes a long way. Three-year-olds cry, teens endlessly forget to wear their rubber bands and insurance is confusing. When you take the time to care, each moment gets a little sweeter.

If you need care in another language, or would like services for children with additional needs or sensitivities, please ask!

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