Meet The Team

Dr. Cate Quas

Pediatric Dentist & Orthodontist

“Helping people is both a privilege and a responsibility. Albert Schweitzer said, ‘My life is my argument.’ This is a saying I take to heart. For me to say I want to make a difference is one thing, but to live that way is an entirely different matter.”

My Story

Dr. Sheala Lansden

Pediatric Dentist

“For several years I worked in general dentistry. Despite thriving, I knew it wasn’t for me. After some serious soul-searching, I came to the conclusion that I was meant for pediatric dentistry. I am so happy that I’ve found my passion.”

My Story

Dr. John Frachella


“Say the word ‘dentist’ and a lot of things come to mind. White smock. Little mirror on a stick. Floss. How about adrenaline junkie! When I’m not surfing, mountain biking, kayaking, skiing or skateboarding, I can be found at Bluefish!”

My Story


Dental Hygienist

“I love that the team knows all the patients and parents on a personal level. Patients appear to feel genuinely welcome and happy to be at the office. It seems that they know their best interest is a priority and that is my favorite thing.”


Lead Dental Assistant

“When I’m not ​spending time with my daughters, I enjoy photography and drawing. It’s something that I’ve always liked to do. It helps relax me and I like being able to create things.”


Dental Assistant


Dental Assistant


Dental Assistant


Dental Assistant


Front Office Staff


Front Office Staff

“The most important things to me aren’t things, but people. My relationships and how I show up in them are the most important to me,”


Front Office Staff

“Prior to Bluefish, I worked at a financial services company. I was tired of spending my day isolated in a cubicle. I wanted to interact more with people, especially children. Now my day goes by so quickly. And I love the conversations that I get to have with the kids!”


Front Office Staff


Office Manager

“I enjoy everything about Bluefish. We are there to help, and it is really nice to have relationships with entire families and watch the kids grow up.”


Therapy Dog

“I love the humans. Especially the little ones. Snuggling them makes my tail go fast. I do my best to give them loves when the doctors look at their teeth. I use my teeth to eat snacks. I love snacks. But mostly I love kids.”

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