Meet The Team

Dr. Cate Quas

Pediatric Dentist & Orthodontist

“Helping people is both a privilege and a responsibility. Albert Schweitzer said, ‘My life is my argument.’ This is a saying I take to heart. For me to say I want to make a difference is one thing, but to live that way is an entirely different matter.”

My Story


Director of Operations

“I enjoy everything about Bluefish. We are there to help, and it is really nice to have relationships with entire families and watch the kids grow up.”


Office Manager

“The most important things to me aren’t things, but people. My relationships and how I show up in them are the most important to me.”


Front Desk Team Member

“Our patients are amazing and I love helping parents and children with their smiles. The kids always put a smile on our faces. They have the best stories, and also I love seeing their confidence rise when we complete orthodontics on them.”


Front Desk Team Member

“I love working with kids because they are the future!!!”


Dental Hygienist

“My favorite thing about working for Bluefish is the focus on prevention and education. The majority of the appointment is about helping the parents learn how to better take care of their children’s teeth and teaching them how cavities are formed. This is not an office that just “drills & fills.” The team genuinely cares about the patients’ well-being.”


Dental & Orthodontic Assistant

“I love working with kids because I love seeing things from their eyes. Children look at the world in a different way than adults, they have a passion for life, learning and imaginations as big as the sky. And I love the interactions I get to have with them.”

Dr. Donna Quinby


Dental & Orthodontic Assistant

I have lived on a ranch/farm in Central Oregon my whole life. I enjoy the outdoors; hunting, fishing and hiking. I also love to travel. My son is my world! Orthodontics is one of my passions. I am a firm believer that smiles can change everything and I absolutely love being a part of that for our patients!


Orthodontic Assistant

My name is Heidi. I moved to Bend the summer before I started 1st grade. I have been an orthodontic dental assistant since 1999. I have only ever assisted for the Quas family. Dr. Cate’s dad hired me while I was still in college. I love braces and love literally bringing smiles to people’s faces. It is life changing for a child or adult who doesn’t like to smile because of their teeth. I enjoy sewing, quilting, cricut, camping, fishing, and traveling to new places.


Dental & Orthodontic Assistant

“I love being able to work with children and teach them how to take care of their beautiful smiles. Did you know that tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the human body. Not even your leg bones are stronger!”


Dental & Orthodontic Assistant

I enjoy working with children and BlueFish is a good place to be.


Dental & Orthodontic Assistant

 I love working with the team at Bluefish because we each teach each other something new daily. There is so much knowledge to acquire and with advancing technology, the opportunity to learn never ends. I wish to be a life-long learner and plan to head off to graduate school in 2024 to become a dentist after being here for 10 years. Outside of work I am a dog, cat and plant mom and you can often find me on a hike or in the water.


Therapy Dog

“I love the humans. Especially the little ones. Snuggling them makes my tail go fast. I do my best to give them loves when the doctors look at their teeth. I use my teeth to eat snacks. I love snacks. But mostly I love kids.”


Dental Assistant

I enjoy being able to interact with kids and making them feel at ease in the dental office. I grew up in Beaverton but I moved to Madras about 8 years ago. In my spare time, I love hanging out with my husband, kids, and dog whether it’s going to the park, gardening, or just relaxing on the couch watching a movie.


Sterilization Tech & Dental Assistant Trainee

I have always wanted to be involved in dental. When I was a little girl I was in a pageant where I stated, “I want to be a dentist to make people smile brighter.” I love working at Bluefish learning about dental and ortho. Outside of the office I love photography.


Front Desk Team Member

What I love most about bluefish is that everyone shares the same goals… all revolving around helping and caring for our patients.


Front Desk Team Member

“Being a past patient of Blue Fish, I feel very privileged that I get to help parents and kids realize that the Dental office isn’t such a scary place! “


Marketing Director

Part Of The Bluefish Family

Their ongoing contributions make us who we are.

Dr. Vincent Quas


Dr. Julie Panchura


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