The latest from Dr. Armstrong on her big adventure

After a fun send-off from Bluefish (see the great photos from our June Bluefish ‘Tail’gate Party on our Facebook page) Dr. Susan Armstrong embarked upon a big adventure: a two-year Lutheran Medical Center Pediatric Dental Residency Program in Yakima, WA!  The program began this month, and even though she is very busy adjusting to a new pace and surroundings, she sent the following message to share with everyone:

“Life is going well. I finally feel as though I am just getting settled. I hit the ground running with my residency. I’ve been working 14 hour days as I have the hospital rotation after my normal work/school day and then come home to reading and finishing my homework. Something that I have not experienced in quite some time. This will continue for the month of July so I figure come August I will feel like i have all the time in the world! Ha ha!

Everyone has been very nice to me and has made me feel very welcome. It has been nice to reconnect with some of the assistants and dentists that I previously knew from my AEGD residency. I am slowly becoming more brave with my hospital rotation (Emergency Department), although I know I could never be an ER physician! I’ve already had a rotation on a cleft lip and palate team which I thoroughly enjoyed and can already see myself becoming more active in this when I’ve finished my residency.

When I’m not studying, I manage to play a few holes of golf right outside of my house and have paddle boarded in the small lake (I still say pond) at the back of the house. I will take a pond over nothing at all!

Please let it be known that I miss all of you there! Patients and family at Bluefish too! I have to say after spending a couple of weeks at another clinic… there is no place like Bluefish… there is no place like Bluefish (I’m clicking my sparkly shoes but nothing is happening!).”

While we certainly miss Dr. Armstrong’s wonderful presence here at Bluefish, we are just so excited and proud of her as she continues her education. Good luck, Dr. Armstrong!

To learn more about Dr. Armstrong’s pediatric residency program, read the original media release here.

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