In-Person Appointment Info

Bluefish is taking daily action to continue your care while keeping both your family and our team healthy and safe. As we open our in-person schedule, we will gradually increase our availability, rather than opening a full schedule immediately. We will also continue to prioritize urgent and emergent dental and orthodontic needs. We’d rather go slow and steady so that everyone feels safe and smily…because isn’t that the point? 

If you come into the office for treatment, you’ll notice a few changes as outlined below. If you have any questions about the following information, please call the office at 541-317-1887 (Bend) or 541-923-1300 (Redmond)

At least 48 hours before your appointment

Please fill out your pre-appointment paperwork

ALL PATIENTS MUST update patient health information in your online patient portal, 48 hours prior to your appointment, or you will be rescheduled! To limit contact, we will no longer be using the in-office tablets or paper forms whenever possible.

If you’ve never created an account with us, select “First Time Users Click Here,” and create a web account by using your account id and pin code, which you should have received via email. If you have trouble finding this information, feel free to give us a call and we’d be happy to provide it. Once you have created your login, you’ll be able to easily access and review your account at any time.

What to expect at your appointment

Our lobby will be closed. Read our arrival & exit protocol below.

Upon arrival please remain in your car. You’ll receive a text 30 min prior to your appointment time with instructions for your next steps. If you do not receive a text, please call our office.

Bend: 541-317-1887
Redmond: 541-923-1300

The Clinical Assistant will come out to the vehicle to review the treatment and escort the patient into the office. Parents are requested to stay in the vehicle unless the staff requires your presence.

The child and parent (if present) will then go through our check-in procedure:

  • Temperature will be taken with a no-touch thermometer
  • Rinse with antiseptic mouth rinse
  • Wash with soap and water or use hand sanitizer up to the elbows

As we are nearing the end of the appointment the front desk staff will call you and arrange the next appointment for your child.

When the appointment is completed the child will be escorted to the vehicle by the clinical assistant who will let you know what treatment was completed and explain how the visit went.

If you have any questions or concerns while waiting in the parking lot please feel free to call the office for assistance.