Acting Fast to Treat Dental Trauma

Did you know that 60% of children experience some kind of trauma to their front teeth? Mouth injuries and dental trauma are common for children – as they learn to crawl, walk, run, play, and all the amazing things kids do – accidents happen! These injuries can involve the teeth, gums, lips, tongue, inner cheeks, […]

Get Filled in on Composite Resin Fillings

Cavities happen to the best of us, kids and adults alike. When your child gets a cavity, you’ll want to fill it as soon as possible to avoid allowing any tooth decay to spread to nearby teeth. By choosing a resin filling, you’re protecting your child’s smile while also boosting their confidence! What Are Resin […]

Baby Teeth & Adult Teeth: What to Expect in Pediatric Dentistry

Did you know that babies only have 20 teeth, but adults have 32? Between gaining the first set of baby teeth, losing those, then replacing them with adult teeth – it’s a lot of transition for your kiddos! Here’s exactly what to expect. All About Baby Teeth Babies will eventually have a total of 20 […]

Xylitol: The Plaque Fighting Sugar Recommended in Pediatric Dentistry

You may have come across xylitol in the ingredients list on your gum, but did you know that it’s a hot topic in the pediatric dentistry realm? Xylitol is, perhaps, one of the only sugars you’ll hear dentists actually recommending that you and your little ones consume. Here are the sweet facts on xylitol! What […]

Pediatric Dental Sealants: Your Questions Answered

If you’re concerned about cavities in your little one’s mouth, sealants can be a great addition to your dental care routine! Pediatric dental sealants are an excellent prevention technique – they reduce 80% of all cavities that occur on the surface of the tooth, where chewing occurs. Consider sealants your 100,000-mile warranty, spanning from cheek […]