Bluefish goes international: Dr. Cate joins dental service trip to Honduras

This week the team at Bluefish is sending support and encouragement to Dr. Catherine Quas and a team of 30 volunteer dental professionals currently volunteering in Honduras to provide dental services to under-served children. Organized through Sonrisas Siempre (Smiles Always), a nonprofit organization based in Indiana, the team members come from all over the United States and travel to South and Central America on an annual basis to provide education, preventative, restorative and surgical care to children in need.

The team is working in a small village called Comayagua outside of Tegucigalpa, the capital city. They have a small clinic there, housed in a Lions Club compound.

From the Sonrisas Siempre website (

“In our Honduras clinic, patients come from a variety of villages surrounding the Lions Club compound. Here we especially focus on children, including those in the orphanages surrounding the village.”

Sonrisas Siempre also sends out teams and portable satellite “mini-clinics” to smaller villages in the mountains for those who are unable to reach the main clinic.

We were hoping to be able to post updates and news from Dr. Cate and the Sonrisas Siempre team while they are in Honduras, but Internet connection has been sporadic. Please follow Sonrisas Siempre on Facebook for further updates from the team as they become available. For more information about Sonrisas Siempre visit their webpage at



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