Shelby: Front Office Staff


Position: A cheerful face ready to help at the front desk…

With Bluefish: Since 2011

How she joined us: During the time that Shelby worked at a financial services company supporting dental offices she struck up a friendship with Jill at Bluefish Dental. So when her best friend Ashley told her that there was an opening at Bluefish, Shelby knew she wanted to apply. Tired of spending her day isolated in a cubicle, she wanted to interact more with people, especially children. “Now my day goes by so quickly,” said Shelby. “And I love the conversations that I get to have with the kids.”

Hometown girl: Shelby was born in Bend and raised in Redmond. She used to spend her summers in California with family, and while she loves to call Central Oregon home, she also loves to travel. She’s been up and down the West Coast, to Las Vegas and will soon be visiting the Florida Keys. But her dream is to someday travel to Europe and explore the beaches in Spain, where her family can trace its roots. “I’ve always wanted to go there,” said Shelby. “Mostly because they have such good food!”

What everyone knows about Shelby: She loves to eat. You’d never know it from her petite figure, but Shelby is a voracious consumer of pretty much anything on a plate. “I love to go out to eat,” said Shelby. Her favorite meals include seafood, meat, pizza and enchiladas.

Something most people don’t know about Shelby: As a teenager she was the district champion in competition archery. She was presented with a large belt buckle that her dad still wears to this day. A self-confessed “Daddy’s girl,” Shelby was a tomboy growing up, and she enjoyed spending time with her dad riding their dirt bikes.
What she loves about being part of the Bluefish team: “I really love watching kids get their braces off—their confidence goes way up and they just radiate happiness,” said Shelby.

Favorite way to spend a day off: Anywhere near water if it’s warm, or playing outside with her sweetheart of a dog, Porter.

What her roommate and workmate Bethany says about her: "Shelby is a very open person and she’s not shy at all," said Bethany. "And she really likes to eat!"


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