JR: Front Office Staff


Position: A cheerful presence at the front desk!

With Bluefish Dental:  Since July 2012

How she joined us:
In her former position with Head Start, JR networked with the staff at Bluefish regularly. When an opportunity to join our team opened up, JR jumped at the chance.

Favorite thing about working at Bluefish:
"I have always been really impressed with the Bluefish commitment to patients, to the community and to each other," said JR.

Local roots:
JR was born and raised in Central Oregon, only leaving to attend school. She and her husband have been together nearly 30 years have raised two children in the area.

Favorite things:
"I am a new grandma and that is something I am really enjoying," said JR. "I also love getting lost in a good book and knitting." JR also dotes on her dog, Theo. "He's not the sharpest crayon in the box but he's very loving," said JR.

Top priority:
The most important things to JR aren't things, but people. "My relationships and how I show up in them are the most important to me," said JR.

Dream vacation:
Hiking is a favorite activity for JR, and her dream getaway would be a trip to Alaska to do some serious hiking along with glacier viewing and fishing.

Something most people don't know about JR:
"My sense of humor is on the naughty side!" said JR.

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