Heidi: PT Dental Assistant


Position: Dental Assistant

With Bluefish Dental: Since December of 2006

How she joined us: A friend of a friend called Heidi's mom to let her know of an opening at Bluefish. "I called Dr. Cate and she asked me to come in for an interview," said Heidi. "I am so thankful to the many people who in one way or another helped me to get this job."

Favorite thing about working at Bluefish: "What I have learned professionally and personally. Dr. Cate leads by example and she has taught me a lot," said Heidi.
Opportunities and plans: Heidi started out in the dentistry field in 2003. At the time it was an area that did not seem to hold an interest for her, but a great opportunity presented itself. "Obviously God had a plan to use it my life," said Heidi.

Central Oregon girl: Central Oregon has always been home for Heidi, and she loves being outside. "Swimming and playing in the great outdoors has always been something I love," said Heidi.

Family girl: Heidi's husband, Joaquin is "...the love of my life and my best friend," said Heidi. Her young children, Adeline, Kaeser and Evalie are "...my greatest joy and biggest challenge." Family is extremely important to Heidi and she enjoys visiting and spending time with her sisters in Christmas Valley and Palm Springs.

The most important thing in her life: "Continuing my relationship with Jesus Christ and following His lead for my life," said Heidi.

Favorite way to spend a day off: Travel is a favorite past-time, and she's up for a trip to just about anywhere. However, with three small children and a smile, Heidi wants to know: "Do moms even have days off?"

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