The diverse training of our practitioners allows us to provide an expansive scope of services to our patients. We are proud of our practitioners, who share the common goal of improving the dental and oral health of children in Central Oregon.

Dr. John Frachella surfs, not only in the ocean, but also figuratively on the cutting edge of information and dental technology with his interest in cavity prevention and laser dentistry. With more than 30 years of experience in public health dentistry he is no stranger to providing care to children in need. In addition to his practice with Bluefish Dental, he is also spearheading the establishment of several not-for-profit dental clinics in eastern Oregon providing care to underserved children. 

In the case where specialized training is required, Dr. Cate Quas is both a pediatric dental specialist and orthodontist. Specifically, following dental school, she completed demanding residencies in both pediatric dentistry and orthodontics. The union of these two areas of specialization allows her to integrate the long-term dental concerns as they relate to an individual patient.

A lifelong student, she continues to expand the scope of her education with post-residency training in sedation, trauma, pediatric dental review courses, implant application and placement as it relates to orthodontic therapy, in addition to extensive hands-on courses examining and evaluating new orthodontic treatment approaches and technologies. At UCLA and abroad, she continues to have the privilege of being mentored, by many of the finest orthodontists and oral surgeons in the world. Her continuing quest to learn is a testimony to the nature and nurture influence of her father and stepmother, both of whom are orthodontists, as they continue to inspire, challenge and collaborate with her daily.

At Bluefish Dental, regardless of the practitioner, each dental examination and checkup consists of a comprehensive overview with the identification of specific individual needs. When specialized care is indicated, a comprehensive consultation with the specialist will be scheduled.


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