Redmond Oregon Location

Serving Central Oregon in Redmond, Oregon, our children’s dental and orthodontic clinic is located across the street from Obsidian Middle School. With both early morning appointments and late afternoon appointments available, scheduling children for dental or orthodontic examinations and checkups can be done with less impact on school attendance, afterschool activities and work schedules.

Partnering with parents is a distinguishing feature of both our orthodontic and pediatric practices. Our rationale for this partnership is simple; knowledge is power. For us at Bluefish Dental, education is the means by which we can change the world. Education provides the foundation for making better choices, along with techniques to aid in moving those choices into the realm of routine.

"Information" guides the timing and understanding for treatment choices. On a basic level, increasing dental knowledge provides the awareness necessary for a parent to act quickly when a dental emergency occurs. For example, educating our parents and patients can save a tooth on the soccer field in the event of where a tooth is knocked out.

Bottom line: our mission is to make a difference. That difference starts with one tooth, one patient and one family at a time. We invite you to join our practice. It is a place where kids and families are taken care of with the best information, technology and treatment, and most importantly, we have fun along the way...

1429 SW 15th
Redmond, OR 97756
(541) 923-1300

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