Bend Location

Serving Central Oregon in Bend, our office is located on Butler Market road on Bend's eastside. Providing both pediatric dental and orthodontic treatment in our Bend clinic, we at Bluefish Dental pride ourselves on the comprehensive approach we take in the evaluation of each child.

At Bluefish Dental, kids are not just cavities and crooked teeth. There are a myriad of potential underlying conditions which can impact the rate of cavity formation or the development of orthodontic needs such as the presence of allergies, large tonsils or adenoids, asthma, myofunctional (muscle) issues, dietary concerns, medications, compromised immune systems, genetic predisposition, and others. When present, these factors can influence the dental and orthodontic well-being of both children and adults. For us, when we say, “It's not just about teeth” we mean it’s about creating or maintaining great smiles and healthy kids with an understanding of the underlying variables which impact them.

At Bluefish Dental no question is too silly as we practice in a judgment free clinic. Accepting the differences in ourselves cultivates the opportunity, awareness and appreciation to both learn and teach. Without exception, everyday our patients and parents are teaching us new things and old things we have forgotten.

Our commitment is to make a difference in the lives of our families. That difference starts one tooth, one patient and one family at a time. We invite you to join our practice. It is a place where kids and families are taken care of with the best information, technology and treatment, and most importantly, we have fun along the way...

2565 NE Butler Market Road
Bend, OR 97701

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