Meet Dr. Matt: Enthusiastic, dedicated pediatric dentist joins Bluefish

July 11th, 2016


Matt Anderson, DDS

Matt Anderson, DDS

After his first visit to Bluefish Dental & Orthodontics last spring, Matt Anderson, DDS went home with a positive feeling about our practice, along with a stowaway Bluefish name tag. He joked with our team that he had “misappropriated” his name tag so that we would have to invite him to come back and return it.

When our team made the decision to ask Dr. Matt to join us as an associate pediatric dentist, we recalled how much our name tag meant to him and decided to forgo the standard job offer letter in favor of sending him his very own “Dr. Matt” name tag. We packaged it up nicely and sent it off. He was in the midst of a busy day as a pediatric dental resident when he received a text from his wife, Jennifer.

MattNametagGiftWEB“My wife sent me a text letting me know that I got a package, and she said it seemed to have an item in it,” said Dr. Matt. “She asked if she should open it, and I said ‘Yes! I hope its a name tag,’  How crazy is that? I took it as a sign that we are meant to be. It really was cool.”

Everyone on the team at Bluefish is very excited to welcome Dr. Matt to the team. His first day with us will be Tuesday, July 19.

Jennifer Anderson, Dr. Cate Quas, Dr. Matt Anderson, Blake Anderson and Dr. Cate's dog, Maddie.

Jennifer Anderson, Dr. Cate Quas, Dr. Matt Anderson, Blake Anderson and Dr. Cate’s dog, Maddie.

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