Lorena: Dental Assistant


Position: Dental Assistant

With Bluefish: Since September 2004

How she joined us:  "I joined Bluefish when my instructor from the college informed me that Dr. Cate was opening a practice," said Lorena.

Favorite thing about working at Bluefish: Before she entered the dental field Lorena worked in the banking industry, but she didn't like the stress she felt on the job. At Bluefish she feels energized by the people she interacts with. "My favorite thing about Bluefish is my relationship with my patients," said Lorena. "And I
would like to share that Dr. Cate is my employer/ boss but truly she is my friend."

Family ties: Lorena grew up in Central Oregon and remains close with her family. In fact, her favorite way to spend time is with her family at a backyard BBQ. Just don't ask her to cook! "Most people don't know that I don't like to cook at all," said Lorena.

The great outdoors: Lorena is a fan of nature, and "...doing any activity outside always fascinates me," she said. She also loves to travel, and her dream vacation would be a trip to Cancun, Mexico.

Most important in her life: Her young son, Mathew, "...is the most important thing that I look forward to living for," said Lorena.

Her hero: "My hero is definitely my father," said Lorena. "For the man he is, and good husband, father and friend."


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