Jill: Office Manager


Position: The center of the spoke, keeping everything afloat…

With Bluefish Dental: Since the very beginning in 2004!

How she joined us: When the old family friend and dentist she had been working with for almost 15 years decided to retire, Jill knew that her life was about to change. So when her friend Carol called and told her about a woman opening her own practice and in need of a right hand, Jill jumped at the chance. After meeting Cate Jill knew right away that Bluefish Dental was where she needed to be. “Cate is an amazing person and dentist,” said Jill. “We have miracles in our office every day.”

How she ended up in Central Oregon: Born in California, Jill’s father was in the service. The family ended up moving to Lebanon, OR, and when she was in third grade they moved to Sisters, where Jill and her younger sister grew up.  Jill has many cousins and extended family now living in Central Oregon, and her husband of 20 years, James, also has a large family in the area. In fact, they designed their home—situated on 36 acres near Redmond—to accommodate large family gatherings.

What she loves about being part of the Bluefish team: “I enjoy everything about Bluefish,” said Jill. “We are there to help, and it is really nice to have relationships with entire families and watch the kids grow up.”

Puzzled?: According to her teenage son Walker, Jill is something of a puzzle fanatic and she’s always working on Sudoku or other similar tricky challenges. She likes solving problems, which might explain why she is so good at managing the office, paperwork, billing and working with families at Bluefish. “I think it is satisfying to get tasks completed,” said Jill. One project at home that she is looking forward to finishing soon is the giant king-size quilt that she is hand stitching.

Something most people don’t know about Jill: “When I’m at home I am a farmer,” said Jill. “ I haul around 50 lb. bags of bird feed.” Jill and James own and operate a 640-acre hunting preserve, Crafty’s Quail Farm . They raise thousands of upland game birds such as pheasant, quail and chukar. In addition they raise German Shorthair dogs, and presently have 12 dogs living with them, along with a 37-year-old gold crowned parrot.

Dream vacation: Jill would like to travel by car all around the United States. “There is so much to see!” she said.

What her son says about her: "It is a fact that my mom is really nice," said Walker.


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