Jamasa: Dental Hygienist


Position: Dental hygienist

With Bluefish Dental: Since May 2013

How she joined us: "My younger siblings are patients at Bluefish, so my family has been able to experience their charisma and love of pediatric dentistry first hand," said Jamasa. "I also know that the main focus at Bluefish is community, and I love that! Once I moved back from Washington, I knew that Bluefish was the place for me. We share the same ideals and common interests! So, I applied and it seemed so natural when I joined the team. I can honestly say that I LOVE my job and my Bluefish family!"

Favorite thing about working at Bluefish: "I love that the team knows all the patients and parents on a personal level," said Jamasa. "The parents and the patients seem to feel genuinely welcome and happy to be at the office. It seems that they know their best interest is a priority and that is my favorite thing."

A way to give back: "I have always been interested in the dental field because it could provide a career that would allow me to give back to my community," said Jamasa. She completed her prerequisites at Central Oregon Community College and obtained her Associates of Arts degree before being accepted in the dental hygiene program at the Oregon Institute of Technology. Jamasa received her Bachelor of Science degree in Dental Hygiene and continued her studies by obtaining her restorative endorsement through Pierce College.

Central Oregon is home: Jamasa moved to Bend with her family as a young child. "I'm so happy we came here because there is truly no place like Central Oregon!" said Jamasa.

Family is number one: Jamasa is the eldest of five children, along with her brothers (Gordy, Brendon and Koda) and sister(Kyona), Jamasa spends her free time hiking to waterfalls or floating the river on warm days. "I like doing anything that involves time spent with friends and family," said Jamasa. "Family is the most important thing in mylife. If it ever feels like you have nothing in your life, you always have family."

Dream vacation: "My dream vacation would be a trip to Italy,"said Jamasa. "I absolutely love food and must get to Naples and try their pizza!"

Who she admires: "My hero is my grandfather," said Jamasa. "He is strong, dedicated man who has taught me to believe in myself, and that determination and willpower can make any dream come true."

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