Crystal: Lead Dental Assistant


Position: Dental Assistant

With Bluefish: Since July 2008

How she joined us:  Crystal learned about Bluefish from her friend Chelsea, who she went to dental school with. Crystal had a strong background working with fear and behavior management at a specialty clinic in Willamette, and when she learned of the opening at Bluefish she jumped at the chance to move to Bend with her family.

Favorite thing about working at Bluefish: "I love having long-term relationships with the families we see," said Crystal. "There are days when you know everyone and you don't find that at most practices."

Family first: Crystal has two daughters that she is devoted to. "Brook is an amazing student taking college classes and two-sport athlete (basketball and softball) in high school," said Crystal with pride. "Megan is also an amazing student in middle school who loves the outdoors and is in her fourth year of Swine 4-H." 

In her spare time: When she isn't ​spending time with her daughters, Crystal enjoys photography and drawing. "It's something that I've always liked to do," said Crystal. "It helps relax me and I like being able to create things." She also likes to keep a healthy lifestyle, running and working out.

What most people don't know about Crystal: "Most people think that I am such a strong person because I have a big, loud personality," said Crystal. "But I cry so easily, even during commercials!"

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