Cora: Dental Assistant


Position: Dental Assistant

With Bluefish: Since August of 2014

How she joined us: “I started looking for a pediatric dental office to work for as soon as I knew we were for sure moving to Redmond,” said Cora, who moved her from the Eugene/Springfield area where she had lived her whole life. She saw our advertisements online and the rest is history.

Favorite thing about working at Bluefish: “My favorite thing about Bluefish is the feeling of the office and what it represents,” says Cora. “Dr. Cate has a really warm and loving personality that you can't help but respect and admire. In fact, the whole staff has a wonderful mix of compassion and knowledge that I am excited to be able to learn and grow from.”

Customer service: Cora has a background in sales and customer service that certainly shows up in the way she helps everyone around her feel comfortable. She is a recent graduate of dental assisting school.

Family first: Cora has two daughters, Kaydance and Natalie, and also shares a home with her boyfriend Matthew and his daughter Mia. They have an all-white girl Husky named Dolce. “So we have a huge family of girls and then Matthew,” says Cora. “My family is everything to me, there isn’t anything that's better than being with them and I talk about them constantly when I'm not with them. I'm always telling stories about them with our patients. My favorite thing to do on any given day is to snuggle my kids!”

Dulchified: “Dolce is a super fluffy animal that likes to be right in the middle of the snuggling any chance she gets,” says Cora. “She sheds a lot though, which is really annoying. Whenever we find Dolce hair or it gets on us we call it “dolchified” :)”

The Big Apple: Cora’s dream vacation would be to go somewhere tropical, but she’s also always wanted to visit New York City at Christmastime, just like in the movie “Miracle on 34th Street.”

One thing about Cora that most people don’t know: “I used to write, record, and master my own music in my living room,” says Cora. “I made an entire CD of hip hop music!”

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