Carol: Assistant Office Manager


Position: A cheerful and efficient helping hand keeping everyone on track!

With Bluefish: Since June 2007

How she joined us: Carol's professional work experience has always included a focus on the business-side (Human Resources, accounting, credit management, etc.) of whatever industry she has found herself in. She's spent much of her career in dental offices, and in fact got to know Dr. Cate over the phone while she was working with a dentist in Redmond. At the time Dr. Cate was working with her father, orthodontist Dr. Vince Quas, and Carol's employer often referred patients to him. "We supported Cate when she made the decision to go to dental school," said Carol. "And she called me when she graduated, we arranged a brunch and Cate asked me to tell her everything I knew about starting a dental practice." Fortunately, Carol's friend, Jill, was available so Carol referred her to Cate for the job of office manager. Years later, Jill called Carol and asked her to join the Bluefish team. "At the time I was looking for the right place to finish my dental career and it was perfect timing," said Carol.

What she likes about working at Bluefish: "I know that this might sound corny, but I have the utmost respect and admiration for the people I work with," said Carol. "And we see miracles everyday just doing what we do. Children are amazing, and as we interact with them, we are taught as we teach."

Seaside origins: Originally from Astoria, Carol's father was a commercial fisherman. She married Leo after her boss at the time warned her to stay away from him (!), and between them they have three children and three grandchildren. After living in Oregon, Alaska, Iowa, California, Missouri, Washington and Texas, they settled down on their dream property located outside Bend in 1989. "Bend has always been where Leo and I wanted to be," said Carol.

A dog's life: Carol and Leo share a passion for raising and training working dogs, Chesapeake Bay Retrievers in particular. Their dogs compete in AKC licensed field trials across the Pacific Northwest, and their business "Gemini Chesapeakes" is well-known in the professional dog world.

By the book: Reading is a favorite past-time of Carol's, and she often reads up to ten books a week. "If it has a cover on it I will read it," said Carol. "I really like history and biographies, political novels and I love mysteries."

Traveling lady: In addition to making many moves due to her husband's work, Carol also loves to travel for fun. "The glitch is that I have learned to really love to travel by myself," said Carol. Her favorite trip to date was the time she spent on her own in Sri Lanka. "I visit a lot of places through my books," said Carol. "But the places I'd really like to visit now are people-related. I have friends in New York City and in Australia that I would love to see, and returning to Fairbanks to see my son and his family, especially in winter, is always very high on my travel agenda."

What matters: Family is the number one important thing to Carol, but she also appreciates the opportunity to continue to grow and learn. "When you are younger you take learning for granted," said Carol. "But it is so important to continue to learn because it keeps your mind in gear and your soul flourishing. I've been so blessed throughout my life to have people around me who encourage me to continue to learn."


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