Bridget: Marketing Director


With Bluefish Dental: Since January 2012

How she joined us: "Years ago when I first moved to Bend I met Dr. Cate through a mutual friend and thought she was a very cool person. I started taking my son to Bluefish and have been a fan of the practice for years," said Bridget. A casual conversation with Dr. Cate about marketing led to an unexpected opportunity for Bridget to join the Bluefish team. 

Favorite thing about working at Bluefish: "I am constantly amazed at how dedicated and passionate my team members are about caring for their patients," said Bridget. "They take their work seriously and it is so meaningful to them. I really respect and appreciate that, both as a teammate and as the mom of a child who has been their patient."

Country girl, city girl: Bridget was born and raised in Nebraska, but went away to New York City for college, then on to Chicago for graduate school. She's also lived in several national parks including Death Valley. She moved from Phoenix to Central Oregon in 2004. "I wanted my son to grow up near family--my sister and her family have lived here for years--and in a healthy environment," said Bridget.

Favorite things: "My pets! I have two beagles and two cats and they are even more important to me now that my son has gone away to college," said Bridget. She also enjoys photography, filmmaking, gardening, swimming, reading and her newest obsession: watching Asian dramas and movies.

Top priority: "Beyond the obvious number one answer, which is my son and my family, right now the most important thing in life for me is just trying to be fully present in my life and to acknowledge and appreciate all of the blessings that I have," said Bridget.

Admiration: There are a lot of famous people I admire, such as Mother Teresa, Joan of Arc and Margaret Mead," said Bridget. "But the person I really respect the most is my mom, Roberta. She has been such a solid source of support for me throughout my life, and has always worked hard for the benefit of other people."

Something most people don't know about Bridget: "I completed a marathon once," said Bridget. "Hard to believe, even for me, but I actually ran/walked the Paris Marathon about ten years ago to help raise funds for  United Cerebral Palsy. It was a pretty amazing experience."

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