Bethany: Front Office Staff PT


Position: One of the smiles that greet you at the front door!

With Bluefish Dental: Since January 2011

How she joined us:  Bethany worked in the dental field with her good friend Shelby for many years before following her friend to Bluefish to fill an opening. "I've always loved working with kids, and I really wanted to get back to working with kids," said Bethany.

Favorite thing about working at Bluefish: "I like to see kids who have an obvious phobia get over their fear of going to the dentist when they come to Bluefish," said Bethany.

Sisterly love: An Oregon native, Bethany grew up in Eugene and is one of seven sisters (she's the second to the youngest) and she has 11 nieces and nephews. Her family is very close, and they often travel to spend time with one another. Additional family members for Bethany include her brother and sister shih tzu puppies, Roscoe and Nadia.

Favorite things: Bethany enjoys traveling or just hanging out with her sisters, nieces and nephews. Shealso enjoys camping, going to the lake, music and snowboarding. Travel is a passion, and a few of her favorite places are Phoenix, New York, Canada and Huntington Beach in California.

Her dream vacation: "Anywhere warm with a beach!" said Bethany.

Who she admires: "All my life I have looked up to my older sisters," said Bethany."I've gotten great advice from them."

What you might not know about Bethany: "I used to be really into dirt biking when I was younger," said Bethany. "All of my friends were boys."

What her friend says about her: "She's such a tomboy," said Shelby."She likes to watch extreme sports!"

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